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Our goal is to meet the variety of needs of every pet under our care. To accomplish this we must be able to recognize age related issues, personality types and health concerns. The directives from pet owners will be followed and should we feel the need to deviate or adjust these directives we will do so under consultation with the pet owner or veterinary professional. Our organization will strive to operate efficiently to maintain a stable cost structure which will result in economic and service benefit to the pets of Clark County and Portland.

Boarding Prices
We offer three pricing methods;2 Packages and Ala Carte. Packages include multiple play yard sessions and 2 feedings per day for one daily rate. Ala Carte includes 1 feeding per day. Multiple options can be added to any plan. We have a convenient rate calculator.

Prices are determined by several factors. Your plan, The number of pets, the number of runs/condos, the number of days, check in and checkout time, grooming, and senior or military status. You can get a quote by visiting the RATE PAGE. If you are not sure of your boarding dates select some dates that approximate the number of days.

If you pay for a bath or bath and haircut your check out time changes for this pet. If you check out by close of office hours there is no boarding charge for the afternoon on the day of the grooming.

Grooming Prices
Grooming prices are primarily based upon size of dog and length of hair. Dogs that are matted would could cost more but it depends how we deal with the mats. On the RATE PAGE you have the option of grooming choices.

We can administer owner provided pills and ointments. There is a small charge if the medication is given separate from the food. We do not recommend putting prescription medication in the food because some pets will not eat the same here as at home. We do not administer injections.

Check In/Out
You may check in or out during office hours. There is a morning charge (not a full day) if you check in before NOON. Check out is similar to a motel. If your pet is here after 11 AM there is a full day charge for that day. Baths and haircuts are popular because it changes the check out time to the end of business hours for the day

Play Yards
Play areas are large fenced grassy yards. We do not place your pets within any fenced yard with other dogs. Weather permitting you pet will remain in the play yard for up to 45 minutes. The large size of these yards gives your pets plenty of room to run and romp. For a small additional charge you can arrange for one of our staff to remain in the yard playing and petting your pet. We call this PEOPLE PLAY.

We recommend that you bring your own food. This eliminates change of diet issues and costs less. It is quite common for pet owners to bring in individual storage bags with daily premeasured amounts. If you bring the food in bulk we will measure out the specified amount. We do have refrigeration for home cooking. For sanitary reasons we will not serve raw meats.
There is a small charge if we provide the food.

Visiting hours are Noon to 4 pm any day we are open. You do not need to call ahead.

Generally we do not require pre screening. Pets from other families will never be placed with yours. Therefore no general prescreening is required. Please call us if your pet is dog or human agressive

Group Dog Activities
We do not group unrelated dogs for health and safety reasons. Just like people, individual pets may be carriers of contagious illnesses. In fact dogs and cats are able to share contagious illness without showing any symptoms. If there were a group of dogs and just one was a carrier of some illness then all dogs in the group could become infected. As new dogs were introduced into the group they too could become infected. A facility would never be able to be sure it was clean until it was completely empty. We have designed in 13 separate sections to minimize the spread of airborn infection. If we were to house a dog with a contagious illness we can isolate that individual and minimize the contagion.

A second reason we do not mix dogs is that even in play an ear can be bitten or someone can get a little too aggressive and a fight breaks out. Dogs may be social but they are pack animals and that means that a hierarchy will get established. Many dogs will feel intimidated. It is our experience that as much as dogs like to see and bark at other dogs, they feel more secure in their private space. They do not need to feel defensive and on edge. In their private space they have the bed, food and water available all day and night. They can also get their much needed nap time.

Dog Run Construction
The kennel floors are sealed concrete. The walls are concrete. The fencing is chain link fence. We are often asked about indoor/outdoor kennels. Outdoor meaning grass or dirt. The problem with outdoor runs in our climate is that the dogs would be wet or damp all the time. Not a good scenario.

Kitty Condo Construction
The condos are constructed out of a high density polyethelene plastic covered plywood panels. They are very easy to keep clean. The unique construction permits the kitties to go to the various levels. The size of a single unit is 4 ft. wide by 4 ft. tall by 2 ft. deep and is 3 levels. The double unit is 4 ft. wide by 8 ft. tall by 2 ft. deep with 6 levels. (photo) Bedding, scratch pad and toys are on upper levels.

Cleaning Routine
We do a major clean every morning. The dog runs are divided into two sections. We close the dogs into the sleeping area. A disinfectant is sprayed on to the large run. This is hosed off. In the sleeping area the bedding is removed and a similar procedure is followed. In the cat condos a disinfectant is used to wipe down the interior. Litter pans are washed and liter is replaced daily.

Long Term Boarding
We are often asked if we are able to board for long term. The longest we have boarded a pet is 6 years. This was an unusual case. More typical long term is for 1 or 2 months. When dogs board for this period it is important that they get to the play yard regularly. We have special pricing for these situations.

Veterinary Needs
We have a special form just for this purpose. Please read it here.

For Dogs and Cats: We require a receipt from your vet indicating the given date or the due date. You may have this faxed or emailed to us. If you self administer we will need the date given (rabies must be administered by a vet). Vaccination repeat periods have been changing in recent years. The rabies is typically repeated every 3 years. Distemper/Parvo for dogs and Feline distemper (Panleukopenia) and Calicivirus (rhinotracheitis) are repeated at varying schedules depending upon the brand of vaccine and the vets philosophy. The repeat period is from 1 to 3 years. Bordatella for dogs. Repeat period is 1 year.

We do not require a leukemia vaccination. We do not board cats that have tested positive for leukemia