We want you to leave us a local contact person's number and/or a number where you are staying and a cell phone number. If your pet is having a serious problem we try to reach you for guidance or to inform you of what our concern is.

We watch how the animal is behaving. We quarantine pets who we know or suspect are communicable and quarantine the entire section they were staying in for a week or more. We deep clean quarantined areas.

Most pets enjoy their boarding experience. We can tell by the way they run to the office from the parking lot. Occasionaly a pet will have an health issue. We make sure that they don't show signs of anything serious and put them on the watch list If the problem persists or escalates we will contact you. The most communicable illnesses are upper respiratory. We have found that when there are colds and flus going around in
human population is the same time that a pet (mostly dogs) may get sick, too. This is especially true for dogs that frequent dog parks or grooming establishments.

We watch everything that goes in & comes out. Over the years we have literally saved pet's lives & caught serious problems by being observant & keeping computer lists.We have spotted possibly fatal problems the pets came in with that the owner's didn't know about.